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Coalition for Marriage (C4M)

I make no bones about it: I support Marriage in its ordinary meaning.

I’m certainly not homophobic and I support the idea of partnership in whatever pairing.  I think that folk in stable, on-going partnerships should share whatever rights may be available – taxation as a household, shared property, rights on death of a partner.  That would apply to same-sex pairing, brothers, sisters, mixed siblings, and parent-child relationships.

However, I don’t like the way the modern trend, to use the word ‘Marriage’ to include all these pairings, has become a vehicle for bullying those who prefer the natural use of words like ‘Marriage’.

In this I support C4M – so sack me or cut off my pension!

My grouse is that C4M’s videos have a note: “ Comments are disabled for this video.”  – How’s that for free speech and open dialogue?

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