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Disingenuous photo in The Times!

This photograph was published in The Times of Tuesday, April 12 2012. It appears to show dirty black smoke. ‘billowing’ from the chimneys of a German incinerator plant, as part of “The scientific case against incineration if Britain’s waste”.

Very convincing – Except that it’s not true.

If one looks at the tops of the chimneys, there’s a clear gap between the chimney and the cloud. That’s because it isn’t smoke but water vapour, condensing as the exhaust cools. It’s dark for the same reason as the other clouds are dark, because of the angle of the Sun.

The Times has been challenged about this, but chose not to respond. Do they have an agenda?  The writer has no brief for or against incinerators, but I do have a passionate love for the truthful use of evidence!

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